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Bio Energy drink - 250ml

Bio Energy drink - 250ml

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Biotta Bio Energy is the energizing drink that combats physical and mental fatigue, supporting daily performances! The caffeine in guarana and mate tea does not have unpleasant effects on the stomach, as in the case of coffee.

A dose of Biotta Bio Energy has the same effect as a cup of coffee, but keeps you fit for longer. Aronia berries, black currants and lemon juice in combination with star fruit ensure a delicious taste!

Biotta - 100% pur natural

Juice obtained by direct pressing (without fruit or vegetable juice concentrate)

No added sugar or sweeteners (contains natural sugar from fruits and vegetables)

Without flavors and dyes

No added vitamins and minerals

Without artificial preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers

Nutritional information

100 ml contain on average:

Calories: 224 kj (54 kcal)

Protein: 0.2 g

Carbohydrates: 13 g

of which fruit sugars: 12.5 g

Fats: 0 g

Sarees. 0.03g

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