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The recommended daily dose (3 capsules) contains:

papaya fruit extract (Carica Papaya) 882 mg

cumin seeds (Carum Carvi) 273 mg

It is recommended to take 1-3 capsules daily, swallowed with a glass of water, preferably before or during meals. The product can be used occasionally or permanently and without restrictions.

Digestion is a complex process that begins in the oral cavity and ends with the entry into action of the bacterial flora in the colon. The breakdown of nutrients takes place in the digestive tract, with the involvement of chemical substances called enzymes. These are produced by the cells of the digestive glands, being present, consequently, in the saliva, in the gastric or intestinal secretion. Eudigest has an adjuvant role in stimulating and improving digestion, due to papaya and cumin extract.

Papaya extract contains papain, an enzyme similar to pepsin secreted by the gastric glands, whose effects are:

 helps the stomach to digest proteins;

 stimulates the elimination of bile;

drive away nausea;

 treats flatulence;

destroys intestinal parasites.

Cumin is a spicy, aromatic and medicinal herbaceous plant, which:

 stimulates gastric secretion;

 removes meteorism (bloating);

stimulates intestinal peristalsis (laxative effect);

is a gastro-intestinal antiseptic.

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