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Baked buckwheat 500g Solaris

Baked buckwheat 500g Solaris

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Baked buckwheat is an important source of essential amino acids, proteins and carbohydrates in a healthy diet. Buckwheat grains are rich in B vitamins (B3, B2, B6), magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, copper and rutin (antioxidant). Having protective and toning properties at the vascular level due to routine, buckwheat is recommended in case of vascular fragility, varicose veins and cardiovascular diseases. It helps to maintain a low level of glucose in the blood, being ideal in diabetes. Other benefits: it gives energy and a good mental tone (due to the high content of tryptophan). It is prepared similarly to rice, and can be included in salads, breads, puddings and other sweet dishes.

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