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L-Carnitine Complex

L-Carnitine Complex

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Ingredients/capsule (546 mg): 400 mg L-carnitine-L-tartrate, 10 mg Coenzyme Q10, 10 mg horsetail extract (Hippophaë rhamnoides), 10 mg raspberry fruit extract (Rubus idaeus), talc, aerosol and capsule .

Folding box containing 4 blisters (10 capsules / blister).

Product with a complex composition, which harmoniously combines the metabolic activation and energy stimulation properties of L-carnitine and Coenzyme Q10 with the intake of phytonutrients present in sea buckthorn and raspberry extracts.

- ensures an intake of phytonutrients necessary to supplement the diet to stimulate and maintain the body's metabolic and energetic processes in physiological parameters;

- it is useful in the diet of people with intense physical and intellectual activity, in rapid weight loss programs and with a strict vegetarian diet for long periods;

- valuable product, recommended for people over 30-35 years of age to improve cardiac activity, regulate liver function and detoxify the liver, to combat joint degradation and stimulate the body's psycho-physical capabilities, as well as people dependent on hemodialysis;

- ensures the modulation of the body's immune resistance mechanisms against the harmful action of some contaminants;

- supports the normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels, improving some functional cardio-vascular disorders;

- favors the slowing down of premature aging phenomena (accompanied by an adequate diet and the practice of appropriate physical exercises);

- potentiates the contractile activity of striated muscles and resistance to prolonged physical exertion;

- improves the functions of the central nervous system, with beneficial influence in states of chronic fatigue, memory and concentration disorders;

- favorable action in people with high blood glucose values ​​and using allopathic products to normalize blood sugar;

- beneficial effects in case of male infertility (improves the mobility and number of spermatozoa, their quality);

- ensures a general state of well-being.

The product is well tolerated, with no contraindications reported so far at the recommended doses and rate of administration.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, children up to the age of 12 only on the recommendation of the specialist.

In rare cases, side effects may occur: mild digestive disorders, dizziness, an unpleasant fishy smell of the skin and hair (which disappears quickly after stopping the administration).

In the event of unwanted effects, stop taking the product and consult a doctor or pharmacist.

Instructions for use:

- 1 capsule 2-3 times a day, during the main meals or as recommended by the specialist.

The product is a food supplement and should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Storage conditions:

Store at room temperature (15-25°C), away from moisture and light, in the original packaging!

Do not exceed recommended dose for daily consumption !

Do not use after the expiration date written on the package!

Keep out of reach and sight of small children!

The product does NOT contain lactose.

Validity period: 2 years

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