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Mother bee milk

Mother bee milk

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Lyophilized royal jelly 1500.00 mg

It is recommended to consume 3 x 1-2 capsules/day, with a glass of liquid (mineral water, fruit juice), preferably during the meal. Considering that royal jelly is produced from different pollens, it can be allergenic for some people. At the appearance of allergic reactions, the consumption will be stopped.

Royal jelly is a substance secreted by the cephalic glands of bees and constitutes the exclusive food regime of the queens. Exceptional biological product contains carbohydrates, amino acids (especially the 8 essential amino acids of the human body, which it cannot synthesize), minerals, vitamins A, C, D, E, B complex (especially vitamin B5), 10 HDA acid (substance with antiviral, antibacterial and immunostimulating effect) and acetylcholine. This composition is a miraculous nutritional concentrate. The consumption of royal jelly can be indicated in:

revitalizing and increasing immunity;

chronic fatigue, insomnia

depression, Alzheimer's disease;

osteoporosis, menopause because it favors the secretion of estrogen;

lowering cholesterol and triglyceride levels;

fertility problems in men, having the effect of increasing the amount of testosterone;

fertility problems in women.

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