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Dry extract of nettle root, Urtica dioica, radix 420.00 mg

Extract dried din Mielarea, Vitex anus castus, fruit 180.00 mg

Extract of isoflavonoids from Soya seeds, Glycine max, semen 60.00 mg

Glycine 180.00 mg

L-Alanina 180,00 mg

Acid-L-glutamic 180,00 mg

Zinc in the form of gluconate 22.50 mg

Copper in the form of gluconate 3.00 mg

It is recommended to consume 3 x 1 capsule / day, with a glass of liquid (mineral water), preferably on an empty stomach, before the main meals.

It is a dietary supplement intended exclusively for men and ensures the normal functioning of the prostate. The medicinal plants in the composition restore the disturbed hormonal balance, reducing the increase in volume (benign hyperplasia) of the prostate. Due to the combination with natural amino acids, the product reduces the frequency of urination (including nocturnal ones), ensuring a normal lifestyle.

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