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Antiseborrheic shampoo with biosulf

Antiseborrheic shampoo with biosulf

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  • strong keratolytic and anti-dandruff effect • regulates PH and sebum secretion • reduces irritation and inflammation, soothes scalp itching • relieves acne, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, mycoses


  • gives volume, gloss and shine • prevents dandruff and balances the natural production of sebum on the scalp • delicately protects the scalp • limits bacterial growth

Nettle extract:

  • helps to regenerate the hair root and strand • balances the natural secretion of sebum • fights dandruff and hair loss • cicatrizing and antiseptic

Walnut extract:

  • capillary tonic and regenerator • fortifying, strengthens the hair root • anti-inflammatory


Tub 200ml.

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