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Vegetable shampoo with bicarbonate

Vegetable shampoo with bicarbonate

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Velvety and delicate, foams abundantly and can be used daily.


99.5% vegetable shampoo accelerates hair growth, ensures lasting volume and shine, prevents dandruff and balances natural sebum production.


Bicarbonate: regulates the pH of the scalp, reduces the acidity of greasy hair, limits bacterial growth, delicately protects the scalp.

Phospholipids: smooth the hair cuticles, protect and restore the skin's barrier function so that the scalp is nourished and hydrated, and their anti-irritation properties soothe itching, visibly reduce split ends.

Nettle extract: helps to regenerate the root and the hair strand, balances the natural secretion of sebum, fights dandruff and hair loss.

Birch extract: strengthens and regenerates the hair root, stimulates hair growth, fights dandruff.

Chestnut extract: capillary tonic, activates blood circulation in the scalp.


200 ml.

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