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Sillhouette bar

Sillhouette bar

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Silhouette Bar - description

Siluet Bar is a bar with a low energy value, but with a high content of vegetable fibers, green tea (1,000 mg) and l-carnitine (80 mg). Thanks to the fibers, the assimilation of fats is reduced and their elimination is favored. The Siluet Bar combats the feeling of hunger and has a detoxifying effect on the stomach.

Silhouette Bar - how to use it

It is recommended to consume 1-3 Siluet Bar bars per day. After administration, it is recommended to drink a glass of water. The product is a food supplement, it does not replace a varied diet.

Contraindications: contraindicated for people with fructose intolerance or allergic to soy, gluten, peanuts. May contain traces of egg and lactose.

Note: keep out of the reach and sight of small children. The product is stored in the original packaging, in places away from moisture and heat.

Siluet Bar - ingredient

Contains: protein isolate from non-genetically modified soy, maltitol, palm oil, sprouted wheat flakes (cereals/gluten), fructose, corn flakes, malt syrup (cereals/gluten), cocoa powder, flax seeds, leaves of green tea (2.50% - 1000 mg/bar), roasted peanuts, L-carnitine (0.2% - 100 mg/bar), chocolate flavor, calcium carbonate, vitamin C, magnesium oxide, zinc oxide .

Silhouette Bar - recommendations

Siluet Bar is indicated as a healthy nutritious food, due to the content of quality nutrients and in optimal proportions for the needs of the human body, which give energy and have a beneficial role. It contains L-Carnitine, Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin C which is a good antioxidant, sprouted wheat flakes which are biostimulators and, together with crunchy corn flakes and roasted peanuts, give the bar an excellent taste. It is rich in protein and is a source of vegetable fibers, being recommended for use during weight loss diets. It does not contain ingredients of animal origin, so it can also be consumed by those who are vegetarian or fasting.

Siluet Bar - nutritional information:

Nutritional statement /baton 40 g /100 g

Energetic value 645 KJ; 155 Kcal 1613 KJ; 388 Kcal

fats 6,88 g 17,2 g

from which:

saturated fatty acids 1,8 g 4,5 g

unsaturated fatty acids (of which Omega 3) 5.08g (1.2g) 12.7g (3g)

trans fatty acids 0 g 0 g

Carbohydrates 12,71 g 31,78 g

of which simple sugars 5,8 g 14,5 g

Proteins 10,03 g 24,88 g

of which L-Carnitine 80 mg 200 mg

maltitol (polyol) 5,62 g 14,05 g

Fibre 2,18 g 5,45 g

Calcium 32 mg (4% RDA) 80 mg (10% RDA)

Magnesium 9.6 mg (2.5% RDA) 24 mg (6.3% RDA)

Vitamin C 20 mg (25% RDA) 50 mg (63% RDA)

Zinc 3.2 mg (32% RDA) 8 mg (80% RDA)

VNR=Nutritional Reference Value cf. Regulation 1169/2011.

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