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Pure Spiruline (Spirulina platensis) 250.00 mg

Ginseng Radazine Extract (Panax ginseng) 100.00 mg

The daily consumption of 1-2 capsules 3 x 20 minutes before the main meals is recommended; consume with plenty of liquid (mineral water, fruit juice or tea).

This nutritional combination combines the beneficial effects of spirulina, as the richest source of natural micronutrients, and ginseng, known in China as the 'ROOT OF LIFE'. Through this unique combination, the beneficial effects of these plants are amplified synergistically, and their regular consumption is useful for anyone, regardless of age or gender, because:

prevents aging, maintains strength and zest for life;

stimulates brain activity;

delays the onset of fatigue;

regulates the digestive processes and facilitates the assimilation of vitamins and mineral substances;

stimulates the processes of burning and growth of muscle mass.

This natural product is obtained under controlled ecological conditions.

It contains pure spirulina and ginseng extract which is 50-100 times more effective than the pure root.

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