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Green tea caps

Green tea caps

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Standardized extract of green tea leaves (Camellia sinensis)

(corresponds to 1.5 l of green tea prepared by the classic method) 200.00 mg

1 capsule per day, in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast. Consume with plenty of liquid (mineral water, fruit juice or tea).

The preparation is a green tea superconcentrate (from 500 kg of green tea leaves you get 1 kg of superconcentrate) decaffeinated with special healing properties. This extract is obtained from green tea leaves grown in INDIA under biopure conditions, certified (without GMP). In recent years, many clinical studies have been carried out regarding the therapeutic effects of green tea. Adjuvant effects

- it is the most effective antioxidant known, it neutralizes free radicals in the body (responsible for the premature aging of cells), protecting the cardiovascular system; - it is the most effective natural remedy in the prophylaxis and treatment of tumor diseases;

- dissolves fats, stops the absorption of fatty acids and cholesterol;

- stimulates the immune system, increases the body's self-defense capacity;

- lowers the cholesterol level, reduces the tendency to form clots and favors vasodilation;

- regulates the blood sugar level;

- diuretic.

Recommended as an adjuvant in

- complementary antitumor therapies;

- obesity, edema;

- type II diabetes, diabetic retinopathy;

- hypercholesterolemia, atherosclerosis.

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