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Rregenerating cream - 30ml

Rregenerating cream - 30ml

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Packaging: 30 ml glass jar

Details: paraben-free formula

with Honey

The regenerating cream is a nourishing night cream used to take care of wrinkles from the first signs of their appearance.

Honey regenerates the skin, hydrates it, providing elasticity, thus preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Royal jelly has strong regenerating properties at the level of the epidermis, and in combination with honey, it deeply nourishes the tissue.

The complex of vitamins A & E provides elasticity to the skin, thus preventing the formation of expression lines.


– regenerates and nourishes the epidermis during the night

- revitalizes and tones

– minimizes the aging process by reducing free radicals and enriching the skin with the valuable active principles contained in the cream

- increases cell energy

- hydrates the skin

– product intended for mature skin: wrinkled, dry, normal and sensitive., royal jelly and Vitamin A & E

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