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Evening primerose oil

Evening primerose oil

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Cold pressed oil from Oenothera biennis seeds 499.00 mg

Vitamin E 1.00 mg

It is recommended to consume 3 x 1 capsule/day, during or after the main meals, with plenty of liquid (mineral water, fruit juice or tea).

Evening primrose oil is highly appreciated, being a very rich source of essential fatty acids important for the body: gamma-linoleic acid (GLA - Omega 6) and alpha-linoleic acid (ALA - Omega 3). The GLA in evening primrose oil is transformed into prostaglandin-like compounds, hormones that regulate a number of functions: lower blood pressure, reduce the risk of blood clots, stimulate the immune system and induce a state of well-being and increased vitality.

Adjuvant effects

- improves the symptoms of eczema (itching);

- reduces the secretion of sebum and the inflammation of couperose skin or with juvenile acne and rosacea;

- maintains skin health;

- contributes to the health of blood vessels and to maintaining normal blood pressure;

- maintains a normal cholesterol concentration;

- reduces tingling and numbness sensations in diabetic neuropathy;

- reduces pain and inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis;

- decreases the desire to consume alcohol and relieves depressive states in alcoholics;

- administered together with a supplement of Ca and Mg improves the symptoms of spasmophilia.


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