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Shampoo with bicarbonate, phospholipids, nettle, birch and chestnut extracts

Shampoo with bicarbonate, phospholipids, nettle, birch and chestnut extracts

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  • treats any kind of skin irritation;
  • neutralizes unpleasant odors and eliminates perspiration;
  • cleans pores and removes red spots;
  • reduces sebum and balances natural sebum production;
  • regulates the PH;
  • limits bacterial development;
  • deodorant.

For phospholipids:

  • they are present in the structure of cell membranes, having a role in regulating exchanges between the intra- and extracellular compartments, as well as in the activation of enzyme systems at the membrane level;
  • due to their specific composition, phospholipids are able to counteract the harmful effect of detergents by protecting the skin's natural barrier or forming a protective film that adheres to its entire surface;
  • preserves skin hydration and natural lipid balance;
  • helps to regulate the pH, to treat skin irritations and to remove red spots.

Nettle extract:

  • helps to regenerate the root and the hair;
  • balances the natural secretion of sebum;
  • fights dandruff and hair loss.

Birch extract:

  • strengthens and regenerates the root;
  • stimulates hair growth;
  • fights dandruff.

Chestnut extract:

  • capillary tonic, activates blood circulation in the scalp.


Tub 200ml.

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