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Vitamin B12 30 caps

Vitamin B12 30 caps

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1 capsule contains: Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 400.00 micrograms Other ingredients: maltodextrin, hydroxypropylmethyl cellulose, glycerin from vegetable sources, purified water.

It is recommended to take 1 capsule/day, with a glass of liquid (mineral water, fruit juice), preferably during or after a meal.

Strict vegetarian diets can cause hypovitaminosis B12, therefore in these cases a vitamin supplement is recommended. The lack of this vitamin causes asthenia, fatigue, irritability, numbness and a decrease in the level of red blood cells. Vitamin B12 contributes to: • normal energy metabolism • normal functioning of the nervous system • normal formation of red blood cells • reduction of fatigue and exhaustion • normal metabolism of homocysteine ​​• maintenance of mental health • normal functioning of the immune system • the process of cell division

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