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Guarana (standardized extract from the seeds of the Paulinia cupana tree) 226 mg

Mate (standardized extract from the leaf of the ilex paraguariensis tree 261 mg

Vitamin C 531 mg

Vitamin B12 35 #g

Taurine 87 mg

L-fenil alanina 87 mg

The daily consumption of 1-3 tablets is recommended. The product can be used occasionally or permanently without restriction.

Guarana and Mate are two plants from the Amazonian tropical forests, used for centuries by the Amazonian Indians to increase the body's vitality. The two plants are recognized for their stimulating effect on the central nervous system. By accelerating the burning processes, the body's energy production increases. Vitamins C, B12 and the two amino acids (taurine and phenyl-alanine) have a stimulating effect on the biochemical processes of energy production.

Adjuvant effects

reduces fatigue;

increases the power of concentration;

increases physical energy, resistance and vitality;

contributes to weight loss by transforming fat deposits into


It can be used successfully even in extreme conditions, when the body needs an energetic shock. The tablets do not cause tooth decay and can also be consumed by people suffering from diabetes.

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